If you’re anything like us, you regard your favourite skinny jeans like a good friend or partner. They’re there for you whenever you need them; they’ll be your plus one to everything and will compliment your figure in a bid to make you look - and feel - your best. In actual fact, with some of our most reached-for pairs, we’ve had a longer-lasting relationship with than most of our actual pals.

But, as can happen with any long term relationship, it has the potential to get a little too comfortable. You can feel stuck in a rut, become too complacent and lose the spark you once had. Whilst some of us will remain forever dedicated to our leg-clingers (and good for you, they’re fantastic!), others have been having their doubts. There’s so much more to explore out there in the world of denim this season - perhaps, it’s time to see other people?

When it comes to men’s jeans, believe it or not, super skinny is not the only way to go. Whilst they’ve been the default jeans for many men for some time, as the days go by - and particularly as we age - we’ve started to wonder whether they’re really the most flattering of them all after all. Even if you love a good form-hugging fit, we’d all appreciate a little more comfort in our lives. But that doesn’t mean ditching tight fits entirely for wide parachute legs, oh no. It just means loosening up a little with extra leg room, stiffer fabrics and cropped slim cuts. The end result is a casual denim look that’s a little cleaner, a little smarter but equally as wearable.

Looking to cheat on your super skinnies? We’ve headed over to New Look, who we think offer some of the best affordable men’s jeans on the high street, to explore their latest denim range - and, as we expected, they’ve taken note of the runways to deliver some fresh new season fits that may just tempt you to stray.