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Trust Us -  Samsung’s The Frame Is The World’s Most Picture-Perfect TV

Image by: Samsung

With its clever Art Mode setting and customisable bezel frame, it’s the only TV you’ll want to watch even when it’s turned off.

In a world where tech has become an integral part of our daily lives, finding ways to seamlessly integrate it into our home without sacrificing those all-important aesthetics has been something of a challenge. The biggest task? Your TV.

Where new phones and gadgets have trended towards increasingly dinky compact sizes, TVs have gone in the opposite direction as more of us long for a cinematic viewing experience at home. Great news if you’re looking to watch the latest Marvel movie, terrible if you’re attempting to keep your house looking Instagrammable at all times. In recent years, our interest in keeping up appearances has peaked – for reference, the global homeware market size grew from $125.19 billion in 2022 to $128.64 billion in 2023. That’s a lot of money spent on getting homes looking fabulous only to stick a massive telly in the way. We might sound pernickety, but take one scroll through the accounts of your favourite interiors influencers and you’ll rarely catch wind of a television on their grid, bar one exception – Samsung’s The Frame.

Picture this: a television that not only dazzles your eyes with incredible visuals but also doubles as a captivating work of art when not in use. That’s The Frame in a nutshell - a true game-changer that transcends the boundaries of conventional televisions, adding a touch of artistic flair to your home by using it’s slimline look and customisable bezel to masquerade as a painting or photograph of your choice. Although The Frame TV has been a popular choice for some time now - it is consistently a Currys bestseller. With its sleek design and innovative features, The Frame 2023 continues to revolutionise the way we think about televisions as mere entertainment devices, and cements its cult status as a seamless blend of technology and art.

When it comes to the visual experience, The Frame 2023 excels with its QLED 4K display that delivers stunning picture quality. Whether watching the finale of Succession in lifelike detail, or enjoying the vivid clarity on a David Attenborough special, there’s no denying that this is one of the greatest screens in the game right now. With the Quantum Dot display technology you can see everything you watch come to life with greater detail and realism, allowing you to see colours in their truest form and experience visual richness like never before.

But The Frame 2023 goes beyond just being a television. The reason this TV is as popular is thanks to the level of creativity and personalisation it can offer, starting with its unique Art Mode* setting. With a vast collection of over 2,000 fine art and photography pieces to choose from the Art Store*, you can curate your own gallery right in your living room. From timeless classics to contemporary masterpieces, every click of a button transforms your space into an immersive art exhibition. Made all the more realistic thanks to its ground-breaking Matte Display, a display that absorbs reflections for a glare-free** viewing experience. With the internal motion sensor, your chosen artwork can greet you the moment you step into the room, creating an ambiance that reflects your unique style and taste with no screen burn worries – guaranteed***. Then, of course, there’s the customisable bezel detail**** – the picture frame, to you or me – which elevates it from a flat matte image into a picture that will fit perfectly with your home décor. We’re serious - ask anyone and they will have a hard time telling the difference between The Frame and the rest of your gallery wall!

But beyond its visual and artistic prowess, The Frame 2023 also nails it on the sound too. Dolby Atmos® and your TVs four built-in speakers*** deliver a cinematic sound experience that you can feel all around you. That helicopter flying overhead in your favourite blockbuster? It feels like it is actually flying over you. Add to that all the mod cons of Alexa and Bixby, and the streaming services you need, and you’ve got yourself a TV that truly delivers on all fronts.

So whether you’re a homeware buff looking for most stylish television set available or a tech obsessive wanting the best TV experience for your budget, The Frame is guaranteed to keep everybody in your house happy.

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*Separate Art Store subscription required to access full selection.

**Measured against Unified Glare Rating (UGR) testing standard, certified as glare-free (reflection, discomfort and disability glare) by UL.

***Participants must register for the 10 year screen burn warranty within 90 days of purchase, T&Cs apply.

****Customisable bezels each sold separately. Available at

*****50" and 43” The Frame support Dolby Atmos® with virtual top speakers. Not available with 32” The Frame.