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Here's What You Need To Know About Portal Go - The Tablet On Everybody's Wishlist For Christmas

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You’ve probably heard of the Portal, but have you heard of the new and improved version? Here's everything you need to know ahead of snapping up this year's top trending tablet...

It’s so important to stay connected these days – especially in the age of technology and even more so during the pandemic. After all, these days family and friends live all over the place. Gone are the days of your entire family down the same street and your friends just a stone’s throw away. I’ve got family all over the country – and friends all over the world. Half of my family live in Cornwall, the other half up north and some dotted around the south, while my best friend lives in Maine, US and I live in London. It’s safe to say that most of my family and friends are difficult to stay connected to, but that’s not the case thanks to the new and improved Portal Go.

A super clever and sophisticated bit of tech from the brains behind Meta - Facebook's newly named universe - its big mission is to keep everyone connected through state-of-the-art video calling. Easy to use, even easier to love, and a complete breeze to knit into your everyday life – I genuinely don’t know where I’d be without my Portal Go. Not only this, but whenever I’m stuck on what to buy a family member or close friend, the Portal Go is now my go-to gifting solution. Slightly selfish on my part, buying the Portal Go for loved ones means we can stay connected to the same incredible level of quality, making sure we don’t miss milestones, celebrations and special occasions.

Speaking of occasions, with Christmas just around the corner (yes, the countdown is well and truly on), the Portal Go makes the perfect festive addition to any family. Plan a Christmas dinner with your closest family members who happen to be the furthest away – prop your shiny new device up on your dining table, get them to do the same and two families can collide thanks to the power of the Portal Go. 

If you’re still in two minds over the Portal collection, fear not – because these key pointers might be the decider.

So, why is the Portal Go so great? Here’s everything you need to know about this sleek new tablet…

It’s chargeable – no more unsightly wires

Gone are the days of unsightly wires, with the handy Portal Go you can simply charge your tablet and take it with you (providing you’ve got an internet connection!). Simply pick up the carry handle and take it with you, wherever – whether you’re headed into the garden for a BBQ in the summer, or into the kitchen to do a touch of baking, the Portal Go means the world is your oyster. Not only this, but the battery is incredible. The built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery boasts of having 44 watt-hours – which means one-to-one video calling of up to five hours, or audio playback of up to 14 hours. 

The 10” screen is perfect for seeing clearly

With a 10.1” screen that boasts of 800 x 1280 resolution, and a HD adaptive screen that matches the colour and lighting of the setting you’re in – this piece of technology is a real masterpiece.

Image by: Facebook Portal

The Smart Camera is great for busy bees

The smart camera uses AI to make sure everybody is in the frame, all of the time. It pans and zooms in and out automatically, to ensure everyone in the frame can be seen. It’s got a 12 MP camera with an ultra-wide field of view – meaning it’s perfect for house tours, joint baking sessions or people who can’t sit still.

It’s more than ‘just a video call’ – it’s your new and improved ‘home phone’

Firstly it comes with Alexa built in - but that's not all. You can listen to Spotify, play games, read the news and video call. It’s like an accessible house phone that also acts as your entertainment, webcam, stereo, and news source. What’s not to love?

Even the kids can get involved with Portal's Story Time feature - a new way to make bedtime more enjoyable with some seriously impressive AR. Narrate them a bedtime story as one of their favourite fairytale characters for some serious brownie point before bed.

But if the Portal Go isn’t quite right for you, fear not, because there are three different variations – all guaranteed to help you stay in touch with family, friends and loved ones. Choose between the original Portal, the Portal+, the Portal Go, and the Portal TV! 

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This article was created in partnership with the brand, but all views and opinions are our own.