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Dr. Martens x WB100 Collab Will Take Your Winter Footwear Game To Another World

Image by: Dr Martens x Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary

Inspired by two of the Hollywood studio's dystopian masterpieces, these latest Dr Marten styles are ahead of the game. 

Let’s face it, Dr. Martens is totally punk. Its great pairs of stonking leather boots have always been a symbol of counterculture and individuality – a vital part of the quintessential misfit's uniform. Rooted in rebellion, the designs have consistently attracted those who reject the mainstream (as well as those who maybe just want to look that way) - which is something the brand is tapping into wholeheartedly in its latest collaboration with Warner Brothers. It’s all in celebration of 100 years of the studio’s legacy, the Dr Martens x Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary drop is the perfect opportunity to shine a light on some of its greatest storytelling with footwear and accessories that pay homage to two of its biggest dystopian masterpieces – Blade Runner (1982) and Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). Each film is known for its distinctive and enduring iconography - Blade Runner for its neon-drenched cyberpunk noir and Mad Max for its dusty, post-apocalyptic landscapes and Burning Man-worthy get-ups. Two strong looks to contend with, for sure, but somehow Docs unmistakable identity shines through with its signature Jadon and 1460 boots - just not as you know them.

The Jadon takes on a few new forms. In the Mad Max version, it’s all about chrome-plating to redefine the iconic platform boot. Crafted from supple, waxy Orleans leather, it proudly boasts a metal plate in the shape of Immortan Joe’s skull emblem, a skeleton arm print, and laces threaded with red rubber. Gear-inspired eyelets and a gunmetal facemask charm complete the look, but all the while retaining those signature Docs elements – the black and yellow heel loop and the unmistakable yellow welt stitching. The Blade Runner rework is altogether more futuristic, taking the smooth leather to new heights with a TecTuff heel and an unmistakable Tyrell Corporation logo moulded in rubber. Main character Roy’s immortal words, "LIKE TEARS IN RAIN," are etched on the backstrap, adding an extra layer of cinematic allure for the hardcore fans.

And as for the 1460? Expect a similar story – lashings of hardware and nods to the Immortan Joe emblem when it comes to Mad Max, and reflective grid details and DM’s dog tag offering details that Blade Runner buffs will instantly recognise.

Whether you’re a movie nut or just love the look, we can agree that this collaboration is more than just a meeting of fashion and film; it's a celebration of the bold, the rebellious, and the unapologetically individual. So next time you’re thinking about investing in another pair of classic black boots, maybe dare to be different with one of the out-of-this-world styles below. Each one iconic in its own right without losing sight of that original DM style.

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Dr. Martens Jadon Mad Max Leather Boots 

The Jadon Mad Max boot, a chrome-plated reimagining of the brand's iconic platform boot, captures the essence of the Mad Max style with a metal plate resembling Immortan Joe’s skull emblem, a skeleton arm print, and gear-inspired eyelets. The laces are threaded with red rubber, and a gunmetal facemask charm adds the touch of rebellion the film is all about.

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Dr. Martens Jadon Blade Runner Leather Boots

The Blade Runner-inspired Jadon boot is a futuristic rework crafted from Smooth leather with a TecTuff heel. The Tyrell Corporation logo - a memorable motif from the film - takes centre stage, molded in rubber on the boot and embossed in the leather as if plucked straight from the film's costume department. Head to the back and you'll see the boot bears Roy's haunting words, "LIKE TEARS IN RAIN" too.

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Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens Jadon Blade Runner Leather Boots in Black


Dr. Martens 1460 Mad Max Leather Boots 

Meet the 1460 Mad Max: Fury Road boot—crafted from textured Old Harness leather, adorned with rivets, and featuring an all-over harness anchored by gold hardware. The laces come with a spearhead charm donning the Immortan Joe emblem, while the backstrap proudly displays Nux's memorable quote: "WHAT A LOVELY DAY." It's a stylish tribute to the dystopian saga, but there's no disguising those unmistakable Docs details, including the black and yellow heel loop and yellow welt stitching. Hell, even if you're not a fan of the film these make for an incredibly good winter boot.

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Dr. Martens Men's 1460 Blade Runner Leather Boots 

The 1460 Blade Runner boot is also built from the brand's classic smooth leather with a reflective grid print that feels instantly sci-fi. Much like the Jadon, you'll find nods to Tyrell Corp with a patch and matching lace charm, alongside DM’s dog tag for an extra detail to obsess over. For the final finishing touch, the welt is printed with LIKE TEARS IN RAIN, with a hidden message inside the side zip.

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Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens 1460 Blade Runner Leather Boots in...


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