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How To Design Yourself A Happier Home For 2020

Image by: MADE.COM

Thanks to MADE.COM, these six decor tips are guaranteed to make your home a happier and healthier space for the New Year.

As the saying goes, a man’s home is his castle (and women too, naturally). Within our four walls and a roof is an extension of ourselves - our personalities and passions. Our homes can affect our productivity, transform our mood, inspire personal change and play a huge role in our own self-definition. They’re also often our sanctuaries from the realities and responsibilities of the outside world; a happy space to relax and recharge. The Danish call it Hygge, the Swedes Lagom - that sense of contentment found in cosiness and safety, whether for you that be a great sofa, a comfortable bed, a gorgeous kitchen or a sleek bathroom. 

With the Christmas festivities behind us and long, dreary winter months still ahead, there’s no better time to change up our surroundings and focus on crafting that perfectly warm, safe and stylish haven. After all, if you're anything like us, you’ll be spending the dark, wintery nights hibernating at home. Luckily, our homeware saviours MADE.COM have everything you could possibly need to transform your home, whether that be a millennial flatshare, family 2-bed or new rental. They guarantee trend-led pieces, quality and craftsmanship without the designer price tag - something that's ideal after Christmas’s indulgences. 

Ready to get stuck in? Here are six simple changes you can make to your home to make it a happier place to be.

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1. Maximise light

Light, sun-filled rooms instantly make us feel more invigorated and happy - something that's absolutely key on dull, dreary winter days when seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is biting. Accentuate the natural light your home gets by sticking to bright and airy colours. Strategically placed mirrors are also great for bouncing light back from an opposite window or for brightening a dark corner. If your home doesn’t get too much light, think about what clever lighting options you could install, such as a range of floor and desk lamps and wall and ceiling lights (of which MADE.COM has many!). Don’t want to overcrowd a small space with too many lighting fixtures? Try swapping out heavy, dark coloured lampshades for those in light colours and with designs that let out as much light as possible.

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2. Declutter your space

Marie Kondo really does have it right - decluttering your space truly does “spark joy”. It also minimises stress and focuses your attention and energy on what truly matters: relaxing, and not trying to find your car keys under the piles of unopened letters on your kitchen table. MADE.COM have a huge choice of storage options for across the home, from shelving units to sideboards and storage benches. 

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3. Add some plant life

By now we all know that being in nature is scientifically proven to boost our happiness and our health. Sometimes it can be hard to get outside regularly - perhaps you live in a city or work long hours in an office - so it’s key to bring the outside in, namely in the form of houseplants. A little greenery throughout your home will instantly improve your mood, clean the air and introduce some life and colour. MADE.COM not only have a huge range of plant pots, but for those with limited space there are also wall and hanging planters.

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4. Focus on your bed

With up to 26 years of our lives spent sleeping on average and poor sleeping habits being linked to stress, anger and even depression, the importance of a warm, cosy and comfortable room cannot be stressed more. On your bed itself, look for rich, luxurious materials such as velvet, faux fur, thick wool and fleece or building up bed cushions. Elsewhere in your bedroom it’s key to focus on relaxation. This can include sticking to a warmer, softer light (think golden tones, lamps and fairy lights as opposed to harsh overhead lights), minimising the sight of anything related to work (keeping desks clear, moving the sight of papers and books from the bed) and covering hard floors with soft, thick rugs (it’ll be the first thing you notice in the morning).

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5. Add pops of colour

Never underestimate the power of colour to brighten spaces and improve moods. Of course, opt for shades that you lean to, but also keep in mind which type of colours you should be using in different rooms. Bright, more saturated colours are energising, meaning that they’re perfect for spaces where work is done (an office or the kitchen; think a bright turquoise or orange), whereas less saturated, more subdued colours offer a more calming effect (use in relaxation areas like the bathroom or bedroom; think sage green or a dusty burnt orange). 

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6. Focus on making designated ‘happy spaces’

If you don’t have the budget to stretch to a whole home refresh (or even a whole room refresh), then consider where in your home is your happy place and focus on that. Perhaps you love taking long bubble baths, want a cosy reading nook, love entertaining with dinner parties or want to snuggle up on the sofa in front of a film. 

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