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Dr Brandt PoreDermabrasion is a unique exfoliator specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.Offering physical and chemical exfoliation properties; PoreDermabrasion smoothes and evens skin texture to refine and diminish the appearance of pores whilst deeply cleansing; strengthening and firming the skin.Suitable for all skin types and enriched with a blend of Essential Oils including Lavender; Lemon; Jasmine and Peppermint; PoreDermabrasion revives the senses whilst refreshing and refining the skin. Exfoliating without being abrasive; this innovative pore perfecting exfoliator helps to reduce shine and leaves the skin looking sot and smooth whilst the pores are clarified; purified and noticeably reduced._Did you know? PoreDermabrasion has been proven to significantly improve the overall appearance of the skin in a little as 4 weeks._Read our article on how to use salicylic acid [here](https://www.beautybay.com/edited/what-is-salicylic-acid/).