Corrupt Bodies: Death and Dirty Dealing in a London Morgue


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In 1985, Peter Everett landed the job as Superintendent of Southwark Mortuary. In just six years he`d gone from lowly assistant to running the UK`s busiest murder morgue. He couldn`t believe his luck. What he didn`t know was that Southwark, operating in near-Victorian conditions, was a hotbed of corruption. Attendants stole from the dead, funeral homes paid bribes, and there was a lively trade in stolen body parts and recycled coffins. Set in the fascinating pre-DNA and psychological profiling years of 1985-87, this memoir tells a gripping and gruesome tale, with a unique insight into a world of death most of us don`t ever see. Peter managed pathologists, oversaw post mortems and worked alongside Scotland Yard`s Murder Squad - including on the case of the serial killer, the Stockwell Strangler. This is a thrilling tale of murder and corruption in the mid-1980s, told with insight and compassion.

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