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Eucerin® Sun Protection Sun Creme Face 50+ Very High (50ml)

Eucerin® Sun Protection Sun Creme Face 50+ Very High (50ml)



Protect your skin with Eucerin® Sun Protection Sun Creme Face SPF50+ Very High, a non-greasy, water resistant facial sunscreen that works to protect the skin, and its cells, from harmful UV rays. Extended exposure to sunlight can be seriously damaging; UVB rays penetrate the upper layer of skin to cause sunburn, and UVA rays penetrate deep down, causing sun allergies and premature ageing. To prevent this, the advanced formula combines multiple cutting-edge technologies, including liquorice extract and glycyrrhetinic acid to support the skin's own protection system and help protect skin cells from free radicals, sun-induced damage and premature ageing. Highly effective, the sun lotion will not only protect from damaging rays, but also protect against skin ageing and pigment spots. - K.N. Ideal for dry skin. Fragrance-free. Water resistant. Recommended by dermatologists.