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MAC Electric Wonder 126SES Split Fibre Large Face Brush

MAC Electric Wonder 126SES Split Fibre Large Face Brush



Makeup brush by MAC, It's all in the application, Synthetic fibres in a split of colours, Large, paddle-shaped brush, Lightly picks up product and distributes a sheer, even wash of powder, Marble design. Tell a friend – MAC has launched on ASOS and all our dreams have come true. The colourful cosmetics brand officially launched in 1984 in a department store in Toronto, Canada. Known for creating bold lip colours, its inclusive makeup covers a broad spectrum of shades, and we’ve backed some of the most iconic – think Russian Red (Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour, anyone?), Diva and Velvet Teddy. Stock up on the brand’s legendary Fix mist, Strobe Cream moisturiser and Studio Fix foundations. Please note: you can only purchase up to six units of this product. Customers who try and purchase more than six may have their orders cancelled without notice.