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Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil 1000Mg 60 Capsules


Product Information

a massive 270mg omega 7s per capsule , stronger, better value compared to other brands , a pure extract from the berry pulp, not the seeds,veggie friendly capsuleswe’re delighted to introduce a sea buckthorn supplement to our range. on going research and recent media attention has focussed on its amazing properties. sea buckthorn is a shrubby plant that originates from the himalayas but is now widely naturalised in coastal areas around the uk. its bright orange berries have been used in the past as food but more recently they have been recognised as a food supplement.the berries from the sea buckthorn plant are not only very rich in antioxidants but also in the omega 7 essential fatty acids (palmitoleic acid) as well as the omega 9 fatty acid, oleic competition ours are almost twice the strength!each nature’s best sea buckthorn capsule contains 1000mg of pure oil providing 270mg omega 7, making them not only stronger, but certainly better value compared to many other brands.pure sourcewe use a pure extract obtained from the berry pulp (a much richer source than the seeds) which is extracted without solvents to provide the highest quality supplement available. the extraction process ensures that the important properties are retained.