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Sioux 400 Sleeping Bag


Product Information

Warmth whenever and wherever you need it. The Sioux 400 Sleeping Bag is a reliable, warm outdoor sleeping bag for trekking and cabin tours in moderate climate zones. Thoughtful features, such as an anatomical hood, thermal collar and 3D footbox, make it a thermally efficient design.The Sensofiber microfibre fill reflects body heat yet efficiently transfers moisture away from the body and so maintains a wonderfully comfortable sleeping climate. As all synthetic fibres, Sensofiber warms even when damp, is quick drying, easy to maintain and long-lasting.The classic mummy sleeping bag narrows towards the feet. Its body-hugging shape minimizes the amount of air that needs to be warmed up for better thermal efficiency. The cut also means that less material is used than in other shapes, making it lighter at a comparable thermal performance and it can be packed down smaller.

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