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PROLOGO Zero II Tirox 141 Hard Black


Product Information

A flat saddle for short to medium distance riding where a frequent change in position is necessary.  New Tirox rails - Stainless Steel for a lower weight than the old Ti 1.4 rails greater resistance and vibration absorbtion.Specifications:Size (mm): 278 x 134 - 278 x 141Weight (gr): 220 - 222Base: Carbon Fibre Injection Rails: TiroxCover: MicrofiberPadding: Light Foam TiroxRail light-alloy steel highly resistant to traction and torsion for its physical characteristics and light weight is used in the aviation and aerospace industry. T-Irox then turns out to be a rail with a good balance between weight and strength that doesn’ t fear the normal stress that addresses a bicycle.Carbon Fibre InjectionThe percentage of carbon fibre into the compound can vary model by model and it can go from 14% up to 18%. The Carbon Fibre injection gives strength to the base increasing its stiffness and duration. 

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