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GPO PR 100 Belt-Drive Bluetooth Turntable - Silver, Silver

GPO PR 100 Belt-Drive Bluetooth Turntable - Silver, Silver

Currys PC World


Top features:- Semi-automatic system offers easy operation- Connect wirelessly to speakers with Bluetooth - Dust cover keeps your records clean during playbackSemi-automatic systemEnjoy every record in your treasured collection with the GPO PR 100 Belt-Drive Bluetooth Turntable. The two speed turntable makes listening to your favourite LPs and EPs easy with its semi-automatic system.Switch the dial to 'Start' to make the platter spin at either 331/3 or 45 RPM, then move the tonearm and lower the needle to play the record from the song you want to hear. When the album's finished, the needle will lift off the record by itself, preventing your vinyl from getting scratched. That means you're able to drift off to that relaxing album without having to manually remove the needle.Connect wirelesslyNo need to trail wires between your turntable and speakers. The GPO PR 100 features Bluetooth connectivity, letting you connect to your compatible sound system or headphones up to 10 metres away, completely cable free. With Bluetooth, you can listen to your music without having to make space for your whole audio setup.Dust coverDusty records are the scourge of every vinyl enthusiast. That's why the GPO PR 100 Belt-Drive Turntable has a dust cover. It keeps your records pristine as they play, preventing the needle from losing its groove due to dirt and dust particles. So, your records will stay in perfect condition long into the future.