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Five Ten Freerider EPS MTB Shoes (2019) Cycling Shoes


Product Information

Get a Grip When it comes to ripping mountain bike trails in cold and wet conditions, not only do you need a perfect grip on the pedals but also protection from the wet and mud, letting you ride your bike longer before heading for cover - always a good thing. To this end, the Freerider EPS MTB Shoes are up to the task thanks to firstly Five Ten's incredible Stealth® S1 sole unit - this dotted sole hooks up with your flats and will refuse to budge, giving you complete confidence as loose muddy grip and gravity look to take you down. Built Tough Next comes the one-piece leather upper. Not only does this give the Freeriders incredible comfort, that will get better the more you wear them, but it's also extremely durable too, taking knocks and scrapes in its stride. It will also fend off the worst of the weather, with fewer seams for water to creep inside, preventing your feet getting soaked through when storm clouds burst. An insulated toe box and tongue boost cosy comfort too, while the gusseted tongue also prevents mud and grime seeping in. With drier more comfortable feet you'll enjoy your mountain bike ride no matter what the weather.

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