Bosch HBG6764S6B Built-In Single Oven with Home Connect, Brushed Steel

John Lewis



Multi-functional, a simplistic interface and wireless control make the HBG6764S6B Built-In Single Oven a modern masterpiece for all of your cooking requirements. Seamlessly integrated into your kitchen's interior, this oven promotes a more productive lifestyle at home. Smart Connectivity Giving you the special powers to control your oven even when you are not home, Home Connect is a new way of living. Using your smartphone or tablet and connecting it to your oven, you can intuitively preheat your oven so that it is fully heated when you get home, saving you time and allowing you to cook your food sooner. The Home Connect app also comes with many more features such as appliance tutorials and tips, recipe ideas and information on the status of your appliance. Digital Fascia Cooking has never been more simplistic thanks to the digital interface of the HBG6764S6B. With its digital temperature display, TFT touchscreen control and stainless steel wheel dial, cooking won't feel as much of a painstaking task. Pyrolytic Cleaning The pyrolytic self-cleaning function prevents the need for the tedious chore of thorough oven cleaning. It works by heating the oven until it's hot enough to burn off the food residue left behind, so all you need to do is wipe away a dusting of fine ash - no more scrubbing! Key Features: PerfectBake Sensor gives you an easy way to perfect baking and roasting results, 4D Hot Air evenly distributes heat across the oven to optimise results and BoschAssist allows you to set the optimal type of heat, temperature and time for countless dishes. 13 heating methods The range of heating methods available allows you to find the optimum settings to expertly cook a wide variety of meals. The methods include: 4D Hotair Hotair Eco Conventional top and bottom heat Conventional heat Eco Hot air grilling Full width variable grill Half width grill Pizza function Bottom heat Low temperature cooking Defrost Plate warming Keep warm

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