Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch with Leather Band, Dark Grey

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Add a touch of luxury to your daily dealings and liberate yourself from your smartphone with Samsung's Gear S3 Classic smart watch. It's designed to give you the freedom to leave the house without your phone, but still remain connected, reachable and transactional. Twist of bezel The Gear S3 is really easy to operate, giving you the freedom to use it when you're travelling, exercising or in a meeting without too much interruption. Simply twist the bezel to answer or reject calls, turn off alarms, browse apps, read emails and control volume. As it looks and fits on your wrist like a real watch you'll be quick to react and most people will just think you'll be checking the time, not checking your notifications. Speak to it Not scrolling, but speaking will be the fasted way to find things on your Gear S3 as its built-in mic will pick up your voice commands. Use it to answers calls, dictate text messages and perform web searches for instant results. Plus, you can be spoken to with the S Voice feature, which you can set up to deliver audio reminders. Tap payments The S3 is constructed with the tools to support MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) and NFC (Near Field Communication) enabling you to make payments without needing your bank card (*this service may vary by country or region). Music on demand Running to your favourite tunes doesn't have to involve strapping your phone to your arm anymore as the S3 has 4GB of internal memory to store enough upbeat tunes to accompany your jog. You'll need a pair of Bluetooth headphones as there isn't an audio jack. Activity tracker Sync your S3 to Samsung's S Health app to measure your daily activity level and check detailed reports on each and every workout. This way you will be more likely to stick to your health targets and achieve your health goals. Over 10,000 apps You'll have access to thousands of apps to entertain, solve problems, update and make life that little bit easier. Up to 4 day battery life Typical usage allows you to get between 3 to 4 days of battery life (depending on settings). No need for wires as it offers wireless charging. IP68 certificate The Gear S3 is completely protected from dust to ensure it keeps looking shiny and bright. It's also protected against accidental submersion in water up to 1.5 meter or up to 30 minutes, but you're advised not to wear it while swimming. Rain, splashing and body moisture is totally acceptable. Accessories included: Large and small watch straps Wireless charging dock Travel adapter Quick-start guide

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