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Armani Rouge Malachite Scented Candle 8.12 oz, 240g

Armani Rouge Malachite Scented Candle 8.12 oz, 240g

Giorgio Armani


Rouge Malachite is a journey through the strong yet fragile Russian Ural lands that inspired Mr. Armani to imagine the red Malachite: a warm and powerful reinterpretation of the precious Malachite stone. The fragrance revolves around the delicate Tuberose flower, dressed with the contrast, incredible energy, and sophistication of the Russian temper. The crimson bouquet of white flowers, sweet and heady, combines the carnal tuberose with wild Sage, along with the surprising vibration of Amber. Armani/Privé candles are sculpted in frosted or lacquered glass holders that transform into ultra-contemporary decorative pieces for the home. Luxurious details such as the engraved logo, the golden moucharabieh pattern, the metal plate to extinguish the flame, or the lid that can be turned into a base for the candle, bring to your home a luxurious, unforgettable experience. Combustion time: approx. 50 hours.