SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect


Product Information

Ideal for home with multiple cats - choose which cats can go outside and keep out unwanted intruders. Connect ready - add the Hub (719/4593) to use the Sure Petcare app to set a curfew mode (lock/unlock time), receive notifications when your pet enters or leaves, lock/unlock the door at any time and monitor changes in behaviour over time. Please note the physical size of the door is H21cm x W21cm x D11cm. You will need a hole that is H17.2cm x W16.6cm. Made from plastic. Suitable for small to medium sized cat up to 6kgs/11lbs. Microchip recognition ensures only your pets can use the flap. 4-way lock: in/out/opened/locked. Manual locking system. Max shoulder width 14cm. Suitable for: glass, wood and most types of PVC doors. Can be fitted into windows. H21, W21, D11cm. Manufacturers 3 year guarantee.