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MAGLITE LED 2-CELL AA *** Product is blister-packed with batteries *** ***AND FREE Polyproplene Holster*** *Second Generation* Maglite LED! Maglite's most recent and advanced addition to their range is the Mag LED. This product produces an even stronger light source that doesn't just incorporate longer battery life and a more powerful beam but also maintains the same durability reliability and superior performance that all Maglite's are known for. The benefits include: A Projecting Beam that focuses simply by rotating the head. Balanced Optics provide a focusing 3 watt LED optimised to produced a powerful beam. Intelligent Energy Source Management balancing an optimum high brightness with extended battery life. Yes - LED Technology actually extends battery life! PLUS: All of the quality Maglite features we have become accustomed to: Rugged machined aluminum construction with knurled design. Anodised inside out for improved corrossion resistance. Water Shock resistant High performance Luxeon Rebel LED Significant increase in LED performance (lumens/on time) More powerful projecting beam New multi-mode electronic switch: Peak Power 25% Power Blink and SOS Extended battery life Energy management and Balanced optics Improved mechanical reliability Patented and patent pending No change in price No change to model number or UPC Availability running change

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