John Lewis Supima Cotton Towels

John Lewis



The Supima, our much-loved towel that is supremely soft and available in an array of stunning colours, with a new-look border design. When selecting your towel collection, choose a single shade to make a bold statement or several shades to create a fun combination. Supima® cotton is a beautifully soft and highly absorbent type of US cotton. Strong and durable, Supima® cotton retains its softness and colour for longer, so it's the perfect choice for these heavyweight luxury towels. This long fibre cotton with a silk-like yarn has a softer, smoother feel with a rich lustre. It is up to 45% stronger, ensuring a towel that is durable and less prone to pilling, while its lasting vivid colour comes from fine fibres and excellent absorbency of dyes. Sumptuously soft, these towels are a pleasure to use throughout the year and while they can be tumble dried, they also air dry beautifully. Grown in California's sun-drenched San Joaquin Valley and the American southwest, Supima® is short for superior US Pima cotton. Less than 1% of the world's cotton is eligible to carry the exclusive Supima name. This trademark is your guarantee that our towels are 100% American Pima cotton. Face cloth, L30 x W30cm Guest towel, L65 x W40cm Hand towel, L100 x W50cm Bath towel, L140 x W70cm Bath sheet, L165 x W90cm

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