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Get Active And Look Good Doing It With These Top Menswear Sport Picks

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Burton's new sportswear range is the best way to help you get motivated, healthy and active this season - or at least look like it. Here's our pick of the collection...

We’ve all indulged a little bit too much over winter, but now spring has arrived we no longer have the excuse of ‘it’s too dark outside’ or ‘I’m just too tired’ when it comes to getting ourselves active and fit again. It’s always difficult to get back into the swing of exercise when we’ve neglected it for so long – don’t worry, most of us are in the same position. However, when it comes to making sure we’re our best selves we have to make sure we’re healthy, and – sadly for some of us lazier and busier beings – exercise has a big part to play in that.

Not everyone enjoys heading to the gym or going for a morning run, and it’s pretty easy to just shrug our shoulders and convince ourselves that we will definitely go tomorrow, despite us saying this every day for the past few weeks (guilty). But there is something that can help this lack of motivation, because if there’s one thing we like less than the gym, it’s buying new clothes that we never get to wear. Basically, we don’t like wasting money - see what we’re getting at now? Yes, buying yourself a brand-new gym outfit is one great way to start your new active, healthy lifestyle that you’ve been putting off for so long. Because once you have it, you’ll be forcing yourself out of that door, so that gym membership won’t be for nothing, and nor will your trendy sportswear.

Burton have their own exclusive HIIT collection that not only feels great to exercise in, but also looks pretty stylish too. So, if these top picks don’t get you straight to your local gym, then we’re not sure what will…
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The Easy Gym Sports Top

How can your gym kit be complete without a trusty sports top? They're especially made so they're comfortable and breathable for all kinds of workouts, and are much nicer to exercise in than your everyday t-shirts you may have been using before. Plus, they're reminiscent of a retro football kit - what's not to love? These are definitely essential.
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The Outdoor Training Jacket

With the weather always being pretty unpredictable in the UK, some sporty outerwear is a must so you can get active outside whatever forecast comes your way. No excuses.
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The Summer Sports Shorts

When the weather gets warmer, or you're working up a real sweat in the gym, some shorts are a necessity to make sure you're kept nice and cool during all your workouts. And when you've finished up, you can throw your new joggers over if it's chilly out! 
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The Comfy All Weather Joggers

Joggers are always a must for your new sports kit, and they're also great because they can become your new go-to loungewear pieces too. Get yourselves these comfortable picks that are all great for gymming.