This Season's Menswear Is All About Comfort Dressing - Here's How To Do It Well

Warm, fuzzy and easy to wear, this season's new menswear uniform values comfort above all else. But that doesn't mean you have to scrimp on style, especially if AllSaints has anything to do with it...

Much as we at Octer enjoy the sun, summer holidays and the fancy-free style that comes with it – vibrant aloha shirts, toe-exposing shoes, thigh-skimming lengths, and not a jacket in sight– there is something to be said for the cosiness and withdrawal that awaits thereafter. In the sunshine, there’s an expectation for clothing to be raucous, and skin clean shaven and exposed, as we awkwardly attempt to manage the heat and look vaguely respectable whilst doing so. So, by the time autumn rolls in, we’re secretly pleased that we can breathe a sigh of relief and relax a little, snuggling up to the season ahead. 

Now, you’ve certainly all heard of comfort food for autumn, but what about comfort dressing? The perfect combination of slouch and style, we see it as the fashion equivalent of a eating a hearty stew at home with the heating cranked up. And, as you can imagine, this season is the perfect time for it. 

So what goes into dressing in a way that offers maximum comfort but doesn’t permit the inclusion of your duvet? It’s all about investing in shapes that don’t confine or restrict the body in touchy-feely fabrics that you simply want to live in. Colours that are subdued but satisfying, and styling combinations that are simple but effective so you don’t have to waste a minute needlessly wondering what to wear on increasingly-darker mornings. They need to be warm enough to deal with the bite that’s now hanging in the air, but light enough to handle the sudden peaks in temperatures that you so often experience at this time of year. It should still be stylish but, above all, it should feel utterly effortless.

Cool, simple and well-executed pieces are something that AllSaints do very well, which is why they’re our menswear go-to right now. Particular highlights already include an oversized red and black stripe wool-blend jumper and the tapered Hayward sweatpants which only need a pair of converse or a leather sneaker to make the ultimate autumn day uniform. 

Here we highlight the essential comfort clothes we’ll be adding to our wardrobes asap. They’re all a bit cool and casual but made in such a way - whether it’s the quality of fabric or the consideration in the cut - that makes them feel instantly elevated and luxe. 

The Easy Tailored Coat

No frills; just sharp, clean lines and classic colour or print that will last a lifetime. Not too tight (so you can layer easily underneath), but still smart as hell.  Trust us, you could throw any of AllSaints' new tailored men's coats on over a vest and jeans and come out looking dapper without any effort in the slightest. 

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The Slouch Knit

Regress back to your teenage years with the kind of relaxed proportions that you used to wind up your mum. Only this time, it's all grown up in premium wool fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship. Just add cropped trousers to sharpen the look, or keep it chill with elastic-waist sweatpants or denim. Just try not to poke your thumbs through the sleeves this time around, yeah?

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The Roomy Cropped Trouser

Tailored trousers with a casual edge - is there anything they can't do? The Agar Trousers, cut to a modern slim fit with a cropped leg, have a brilliantly roomy fit around the thighs which is unusual for your standard suit trouser - and infinitely more comfortable as a result. 

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The Luxe Hoodie

Is there anything in this world more comfortable and relaxing than loungewear? It's in the name, surely. We love the easy appeal of the new AllSaints hoodies, which have been reworked in luxe fabrics such as wool and faux sheepskin for an subversive elevated finish without losing that all-important streetwear feel. 

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The Premium Jogger

Comfy enough to chill on the sofa in, stylish enough to wear out - these ain't your usual sweatpants, that's for sure. Look closer, and you'll see the Hayford Sweatpants feature the new AllSaints tape on the seams. It's these kind of  details that take it to the next level, meaning they'd look just as good with a tee and trainers and they would a slimline blazer and leather shoes. 

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The Hardworking Shirt

Whether a durable shacket, overshirt or just a thicker than usual flannel: get you a shirt that can do it all. This season's penchant for ultra-thick shirts (worn both as shirts solo, or as light layers over a t-shirt) are the height of laziness, comfort and cool. We'll take one in every colour.  

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