This New Hot Trend Is Going To Take You Straight Back To Your School Uniform Days 

Gingham is back, and we’re seeing an endless stream of midi dresses and milkmaid blouses suddenly take on this pattern this season. Fancy checking it out?  These are our favourite picks of the season so far...

[image: @asos_lotte]

A pattern that found its checked form in the bustling factories of Manchester in the mid 18th century, gingham is a trend that we hadn’t predicted to become so huge again overnight. But with Victorian styles such as milkmaid tops and puff sleeves proving to be huge hits this season, it now seems obviously inevitable that we would end up seeing more of these pretty plaid pieces massing store shelves. They’re the embodiment of spring and summer prints, and with the weather finally warming up – even though it’s being slow as ever – we’re all getting exceedingly excited over our new summery outfits.

When many of us think gingham, we get taken straight back to our school uniform days – our pleated skirts that everyone bravely hitched up, risking a warning and even, dare we say it, detention, and our blazers that we all despised and tried to avoid wearing, but would actually look surprisingly chic nowadays – they may even still fit. This may make some of you cringe – we’ve all had a uniform disaster in our time – but there’s a sense of humble British nostalgia to this checked pattern, and we’re all for its reprise.

Whether it’s a midi skirt, floaty dress or a cute top, we’re urging you to shake up your staple classics with a little bit of throwback gingham, which will have your style finely tuned for this sunny season. 

Midi Dresses

With spring now here and summer around the corner, a cute midi is an absolute must for this season. And nothing screams sunshine louder than these cute dresses, that will brighten up your day rain of shine in one swift click.

Midi Skirts

You must be living under a rock if you haven't noticed everyone sporting a midi skirt this season, and if you happen to not have bagged yourself one just yet, then now is the perfect time to do so. And if you're still unconvinced by the midi, then try some cute plaid trousers that embrace the style just as well. 

Cute Tops

With milkmaid blouses and puff sleeve tops being two major trends this season, we are seriously loving their their gingham transformations. Nothing beats a cute top and jeans combo, and it's the ultimate attire come spring. Just throw on some extra denim for the cooler days and you'll be looking effortlessly chic.


With boiler suits also being huge hits this year, you can't miss out on the all-in-one trend when it's as popular as it is right now. Jumpsuits are perfect for spring, and these trending picks are not ones you want to miss out on.

Tasteful Tailoring

Everyone is loving coordinated tailoring right now. From runway to casual wear, celebs and influencers are all on board with the suit trend, and we're here for it too. We've seen all-beige and rainbow two-pieces take center stage, but now it's time for the gingham suits to snatch the spotlight.